Payroll Advisory: Payroll Compliance Management
-          Assess the level of compliance
-          Implement Corrective Measures
-          Inquiries on all outstanding payments from SARS 
           (South African    Revenue Services)
-          Submit all outstanding Returns & Reconciliations    
           (EMP 201s, EMP 501s & IRP 5s/IT3(a)) 

Payroll Taxes
-         Registering Employees for Income Tax
-         Registering Employers for Payroll Taxes (PAYE, UIF & SDL)
-         Completing and submitting monthly Employer Declaration 
          (EMP 201)
-         Submission of Employer Reconciliation (EMP 501)
-         Create IRP5s/IT3(a) for Employees

Payroll Processing
-        Capturing of all payroll related changes and input for payroll    
          runs,  earnings,  deductions and taxes.
-        Electronic transfer of employees’ net salaries into their  accounts
-        Generating professional payslips on pre-printed  stationery/emailed   Payslips
-        Processing of leave and maintenance of leave balances

Labour Issues & Registrations
-         Employment Contracts
-         Registrations: Compensation for Occupational Injuries &      
-        Submission of Annual Compensation Return of Earnings
-        Letter of Good Standing Renewal.