In South Africa, the government’s main aim has been to encourage 
entrepreneurship and business ownership. The government 
has even taken the stance to finance and provide grants to boost 
these new ventures. Government has promoting new businesses 
because they realise that by doing so they are not only stimulating
 the economy but they are also fighting the challenge of unemployment. 
But here is the other point to consider, what good does a small company 
with no business systems and no compliance do for the economy. 

Does a business owner with a great idea really have the full know 
how of running a business?

There is where we fit in. Business owner need to work hand in hand 
with companies that can provide them, with an efficient and professional 
service. Business owners need to surround themselves and partner up 
with service providers that will deliver.
Our Company thrives in provide these companies, private sector 
and public sector with a service offering which incorporates end to end 
Payroll Consulting. We provide our clients services relating to Labour, 
employment contracts, to registering Employees for Tax, UIF,SDL. 
We do Payroll Processing for our clients on a monthly; we register 
our clients for Occupational Injuries and Disease, submitting return 
of earnings on annual. We also submit all returns to the 
South African Revenue Services.

Often Business Owners get so busy with running the business 
that compliance issues become daunting for them. 
With our Payroll Compliance Management service offering. 
We are able to assist Our Clients with compliance issue which contribute 
significantly to the bottomline. This is a result of SARS penalising 
for non-compliance. Payroll Compliance management ensures that 
our clients are in line with all Statutory requirements as well 
as detection payroll fraud due to mismanagement and corruption. 

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