Thursday, December 5, 2013

  Ponelopele: Ponelo-pele
  Setswana word with two meanings:
1       To have a vision        
          To prosper

Ponelopele Consulting is a dynamic company with its target market being 
SMMEs, Private and Public sector. 
It was derived from the concept of making life simpler for entrepreneurs and organisations. 
Remuneration is the single most expensive cost to any business or organisations’ expenses.
Employees poor work morale stems from employees 
not being paid on time, not being paid for the right number 
of hours worked, having incorrect deductions take from their salary or wages. 
A payroll system needs to be well structured in order to enable timeliness, accuracy and compliance.

We have grown due to trust and service delivery to our clients. 

This trust is based upon an open, experienced, hands-on approach that we have built with each one of our clients. 

Our commitment is to you. 

Our advice is completely unbiased and is founded on skills

and understanding of our clients' individual needs and requirements.

"Let us keep your Payroll processing impeccable"